Air Freshener Services

Odor control service using fan air freshener dispensers has been in demand for many different types of facilities and is an important part of sanitary service. However, because odors can happen anywhere at any time, facility managers ought to be looking for a round-the-clock odor control solution that relieves them of their worries. At Enviro-Master  Services MidAtlantic, we utilize proven fan air freshener dispensers and refills to keep your facility consistently smelling great!

Quick Installation and Maintenance

An air freshener system is very easy to install and maintain. On average, a new installation of our air freshener system takes between 3 and 5 minutes to install per dispenser. And your monthly refill service is even faster than that, usually taking less than a minute per dispenser! You’ll hardly notice when we come in to install or refill your new air fresheners, and there won’t be an interruption in the enjoyment of your fresh air.

What Sort of Facilities Could Use an Air Freshener Service?

Air freshener service is a good idea for facilities and companies of all shapes and sizes! Some of the different kinds of clients we service include: healthcare facilities, restaurants, sports venues, weight rooms and fitness centers, nursing homes, churches, dance studios, schools, rec centers, office buildings, retail stores, apartment buildings, clubs and taverns, theaters, airports, pet stores, and doctor’s offices. We can sit down and work with you to determine how much of your building needs coverage, whether the entire building or just parts of it. Restroom air freshener service is even complementary for clients using our sani service and/or sani scrub services!

What Can an Air Freshener Service Do For My Business?

By hiring Enviro-Master Services MidAtlantic  for your monthly air freshener service, you demonstrate a commitment to your customers and employees to provide them the best service possible. Would you choose to shop, eat, or work in a building with unpleasant odors? At Enviro-Master Services MidAtlantic, we believe that a full or partial-facility air freshener service can lead to happier customers and healthier employees, which can improve your business and help make you more profitable.

To learn more about the benefits of our air freshener program, give us a call today and schedule an appointment!