3 Major Factors of This Record Breaking Flu Season

3 Major Factors of This Record Breaking Flu Season

February marks an especially alarming turn for the 2017-2018 flu season, with over 23,000 hospitalized with flu symptoms and flu related illness.

February marks an especially alarming turn for the 2017-2018 flu season, with over 23,000 hospitalized with flu symptoms and flu related illness. While flu season presents a significant health challenge for many individuals in winter months, the unique strain, poor timing, and limitations of this year’s vaccine against the flu this year contributed to the dangerous nature of the H3N2 strain of this year. However, we are not out of the woods yet. Even in March, this flu season is now coming to a close as one of the worst in the past decade. Below are the details of three main factors contributing to this particularly dangerous and deadly flu season.

A Dangerous Strain

The most dangerous and prevalent flu strain of this year is the H3N2 strain, with respiratory symptoms such as coughing and chest pains, as well as a high fever. This specific strain is recognized by the Centers for Disease Control as one of the most severe for children and seniors, especially considering its attacks to the respiratory system.

Post-Holiday Timing

The second factor for this year’s dangerous flu season is the timing of its peak with the end of the holidays. Combined with the usual common cold of early winter, this flu strain hit the hardest following the start of the new year. Rather than past years when the flu hit various parts of the country at different times, the CDC notes the way in which it seemed to strike all at once for several weeks between December and February.

Flu Shot Shortcomings

Historically, the H3N2 strain has presented a challenge for the flu shot, as this virus has the ability to evolve beyond the capabilities of flu shot protection. This lower effectiveness of the flu shot posed a particularly alarming threat to children, seniors, and adults with compromised immune systems who may be especially vulnerable to the virus as it stands. With this, the CDC estimates that this flu shot efficiency is around 25 percent in comparison to the ideal 60 percent preferred by public health officials.

What Next? Sanitation is the Safest Solution

Protect your business from flu virus contamination by investing in a professional sanitation service that will keep your facility sanitized and well maintained throughout the year. Standard cleaning products may keep your restroom looking clean throughout the week, but they are not enough to prevent these viruses from infecting your employees and customers. Consider trusting this task to a team of professionals with the tools and expertise to sanitize your facility, keeping you, your team, and your customers healthy throughout the season.

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