4 Easy Ways to Dodge Nasty Cold and Flu Symptoms in Your Business this Season

Check out these four easy ways to dodge nasty cold and flu symptoms in your business.

Check out these four easy ways to dodge nasty cold and flu symptoms in your business.

Although it is only October, flu and cold symptoms seem to be hitting Maryland residents a little earlier than usual this year. With fevers, runny noses, and sore throats spreading throughout the state, it is crucial to keep these nasty symptoms as far away from your business as possible. While it may seem impossible to avoid the flu completely between now and February, consider these four easy ways to dodge nasty cold and flu symptoms in your business this season.

Encourage Consistent Handwashing in Your Business

As we approach the upcoming flu season this winter, it is crucial to encourage consistent hand washing for your employees in your business. This step will help to prevent these unpleasant cold and flu symptoms before they start as a proactive measure for fighting off illness this fall. With cleaner hands working in your business, you can also ensure that surfaces are not contaminated by cold and flu viruses this season.

Dispose of Used Tissues and Paper Towels in Your Restroom

One of the easiest ways to fight off germs in your business is to ensure that any potentially contaminated tissues and paper towels are properly disposed of in your restroom. By allowing these used materials to lay around your restroom counters and floors, you are also allowing them to contaminate surfaces in your business restroom. Keep these germs away from otherwise healthy employees and customers by making sure used tissues and towels are disposed of in your restroom.

Sanitize Surfaces in Your Business and Business Restroom

A professional sanitation service, such as those offered by Enviro-Master, can help to kill germs in your business that household cleaning products may miss over time. This step will enable you to remove these nasty germs from your business altogether to protect your healthy employees and customers throughout the flu season this year. In keeping your restroom sanitized, you are also showing your employees and customers that you value their health and wellbeing.

Provide Access to Flu Shots for Your Employees

In ensuring that your employees stay healthy and free of the flu this season, you are also ensuring that your customers will stay healthy too. Consider providing opportunities for employees to get a flu shot this season as a preventative measure against the flu in your business.

Keep Your Business Sanitized and Safe with Enviro-Master

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