4 Dangerous Myths Surrounding Public Restrooms


A lot of people don’t know the whole truth of public restrooms, and they can easily get caught up in myths.

We’ve covered misconceptions regarding diseases spread within public restrooms, but what about public restrooms as a whole?  A lot of people don’t know the whole truth of public restrooms, and they can easily get caught up in myths.  Myths are dangerous, especially when they surround hygiene.  Keep yourself educated; here are some of the biggest myths surrounding public restrooms.

Myth #1: If it looks clean, it is clean.

Cleaning something is not the same as sanitizing it.  When you clean something, you’re simply removing the visible grime and clutter.  This does nothing to penetrate porous surfaces, and doesn’t fully remove bacteria from the restroom.  A restroom that sparkles isn’t necessarily a restroom that’s free of bacteria and disease.

Myth #2: Toilet seats are the source for the most disease in a public restroom.

The actual source would be the floor; shoes can track anything from dirt to fecal matter to disease into a restroom.  It’s why you should never place your purse or bag down on a public restroom floor.  However, toilet seats are actually relatively free of germs.  Dangerous bacteria tends to not dwell around the toilet as it would on the floor, where the surface is moist and provides the ideal environment.

Myth #3: Men’s rooms are the dirtiest.

It’s truly situational, but in most cases, women’s restrooms are actually filled with more germs and bacteria.  Women are more likely to bring in their children to restrooms, and tend to spend more time in them.  There is also the added disposal of feminine hygiene products, which requires an entirely separate form of sanitization.  Regardless, you should never base cleanliness of a bathroom off the gender on the door!

Myth #4: Cleaning products can be sprayed and immediately wiped up.

Most products that sanitize surfaces are meant to sit on the surface for a period of time; this allows the chemicals to really get in there and kill bacteria.  There are a number of reasons why proper sanitization may be overlooked; poor training, general misconception, and laziness are just a few!  To really ensure that your restroom is being sanitized, you should call a professional.

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