Why is Air Quality in Public Restrooms So Incredibly Important?

public restroom air quality

Restrooms in public facilities are perfect places for airborne illnesses to fill the space around you.  It’s important to ensure that the air quality in your restroom is top notch–but why?

If you’ve ever entered a filthy and unsanitized public restroom, you know that one of the largest problems associated with it is air quality.  Sometimes, restrooms can feel stuffy, and you may feel gross simply breathing the air.  Well, you aren’t overreacting when you pull your shirt collar over your mouth and nose in a particularly foul restroom.  These areas in public facilities are perfect places for airborne illnesses and nasty particles to fill the space around you.  It’s important to ensure that the air quality in your public restroom is top notch–but why?  And what can you do to improve your restroom air quality?  Read on to find out!

Poor Sanitization is the Culprit


Public restrooms don’t have to harbor airborne illnesses.  But, because of the high traffic they see, it can be difficult to control this problem on your own.  Many people will use cheap plug-in air fresheners in order to cover the odor that fills their restroom.  That foul odor is probably coming from microscopic fecal matter lodging itself into the surfaces of the restroom.  Tile and porcelain are porous, and it’s easy for germs to sneak into them, making it impossible to kill them without proper professional equipment.  Odors can also come from dirty drains, which can even harbor insects.  When a restroom isn’t sanitized, the air becomes a danger to others.  


Benefits of Professional Air Care  Services


Not only can a professional completely and fully sanitize your restroom, they can also improve your air quality.  A professionally installed air care system is exactly what you need to keep your restroom up and running without putting anyone’s health at risk.  Such a service is vital for those who have restrooms in restaurants, daycare facilities, country clubs, retail stores, and more; your job is to impress and support your customers.  If they can’t breathe in your restroom, they aren’t going to come back.  Enviro-Master of Mid-Atlantic can provide proven fan air freshener dispensers for your restroom.  Dispensers are easy to install, usually taking under five minutes, and refills take even less time on a monthly basis.  There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t invest.  Air quality needs to be excellent in order to keep your customers and employees healthy, but it will also ensure that those customers and employees keep coming back, again and again, to your facility.


Enviro-Master of Mid-Atlantic is ready to help improve the air quality in your public restroom!


We’re experts.  Owner Neil Middleton is determined to promote great restroom hygiene.  Enviro Master Services has been listed as one of the Top 50 New Franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine.

If you’re looking for a solution to your dirty, nasty, odor filled-restrooms, contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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