What Can You Actually Catch From A Toilet Seat?

toilet seat

A toilet seat only has 50 bacteria per square inch on its surface.  But is there anything you actually can catch from a toilet seat?

Generally, floors are the dirtiest places in public restrooms.  It’s often said that your toilet has far less bacteria than anywhere else in your home–the same is true for public restrooms.  A toilet seat only has 50 bacteria per square inch on its surface, whereas your kitchen sponge has about 10 million bacteria per square inch.  The difference between something you use to clean your dishes and something you’re afraid to even touch is staggering.  But is there anything you actually can catch from a toilet seat?  Read on to find out.

E. Coli

E.coli, or escherichia coli, is found in our intestines.  When you’re exposed to it, you may experience diarrhea, vomiting, or other intestinal issues.  Sounds nasty, right?  Well, E.coli has been found to cling to nonporous surfaces like toilet seats for up to two weeks.  And the worst part?  Simply cleaning the seat won’t get rid of it–you have to completely sanitize it.  Stop cross contamination to the rest of your facility.


This bacteria is better known for causing dysentery.  In other words, shigella causes extreme stomach upset, which can last for a week or more.  It’s miserable, and usually transmits because you aren’t washing your hands properly.  It originates in feces, like E.coli, so it can also be transmitted through contact with contaminated toilet seats.  In order to prevent this, wash your hands correctly, or deeply sanitize your restroom each week..


You probably know this bacteria for causing strep throat.  We all know what that means–a sore throat, bronchitis, extreme coughing, and other issues that include but are not limited to skin rashes.  Streptococcus is actually found on about 39% of toilet seats.  But don’t worry; transmission rate is low.  Still, wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry?

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