How Can Assisted Living Facility Employees Stay Hygienic?

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Many residents living in assisted living facilities fall under the category of a highly susceptible population, or HSP.

There is something called a highly susceptible population made up of individuals who are at a higher risk of infection.  Many residents living in assisted living facilities fall under the category of a highly susceptible population, or HSP.  Think about it–food is prepared for them, they often have personal caretakers, and they must frequently use public restrooms.  There are plenty of opportunities for bacteria and germs to infect the immune system of someone vulnerable in this situation.  So, how can employees working in these facilities make the space happier and healthier for everyone?

Always Wash Your Hands


The dramatically positive effects of handwashing after using the restroom have been proven time and time again.  However, it is especially important for assisted living facility employees to wash their hands thoroughly after each and every restroom use.  This is especially true for those who are handling food in the facility; without hand washing, fecal matter and other bacteria can easily infect someone’s food.  Use warm water, wash for at least one minute while paying extra attention to your fingernails, and rinse and dry completely.  It is equally important for your hands to be perfectly dry before you head back to work.


Know When to Stop


People who are very determined regarding their work will tend to work through just about every condition they have.  However, it’s important to realize when you’re no longer fit to keep working, as you’d be putting assisted living facility residents at serious health risk.  If you’ve been vomiting, coughing or sneezing, or if you have an open wound, these are sure signs that you need to sit out for the night.  These germs can infect surfaces, especially those in a public restroom, and will inevitably be spread to the HSP.  People with weakened immune systems will not just be down for the count; even a cold could put someone’s life at risk, depending on circumstance.  It’s up to you as an employee to take initiative and put the residents first before your paycheck.


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