Why You Should Check the Restrooms of Your Assisted Living Facility

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Our elderly citizens are at far more risk for diseases, which means their standards for restrooms have to be top-notch.

The quality of assisted living should be of your highest priority when you’re searching for a great home for your loved one.  You certainly don’t want to be sending them off to a facility that could harm them, or otherwise put them at risk.  Our elderly citizens are at far more risk for diseases, which means their standards for restrooms have to be top-notch.  Here are a few things you should be looking for when you’re on the hunt for the perfect assisted living facility.



As with everything, there are regulations for assisted living restrooms that need to be strictly followed in order to be acceptable.  For one, they have to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines; this is especially important for those with wheelchairs, which is frequent among our senior population.  50% of living units must have a roll-in shower, 3 by 5 feet, with less than a ½ inch lip.  Don’t take any risks; bring out your measuring tape, if you have to.  Each state has different regulations, but in general, you should be looking for restrooms that provide one restroom per every six individuals in a living facility.  This is for convenience sake, but also for hygienic purposes.  


Why Should You Care?


We know it sounds like a small part of why an assisted living facility should be scrutinized, but a clean restroom is incredibly important.  Elderly citizens have weakened immune systems, and any kind of turn in their health could cause serious issues.  Not to mention, as most elderly citizens are disabled, they need accessibility regulations that much more.  We’ve talked before about why public restrooms, when cared for improperly, can be huge breeding grounds for bacteria.  It’s not uncommon for diseases to exist in dirty restrooms.  Don’t take your chances when it comes to your loved ones–make sure the restroom in that assisted living facility is up to par.


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