How Clean Should a Public Gym Restroom Really Be?

public gym restroom

Whether we’re regulars or passing by with New Year’s resolutions, we have expectations in regards to the cleanliness and sanitization of a public gym.

At some point or another, we’ve all used a public gym.  Whether we’re regulars or passing by with New Year’s resolutions, we have expectations in regards to the cleanliness and sanitization of a public gym.  Of course, in public areas, it’s impossible to eliminate all transferring of germs.  But, in the restroom, these germs are given homes where they can multiply and grow.  There are several reasons why a public gym restroom needs special attention.  What are they?

Sweat and Grime


All equipment in a gym is public, which means it gets used constantly by a crowd of people.  All these people have been working out, sweating, coughing, sneezing–and then, they touch the handles of a stair climber, or the control pad for a treadmill.  It’s highly unlikely every person is properly sanitizing their hands and the surfaces they touch at the public gym.  This accumulated sweat and grime provides the perfect home where bacteria and germs can fester.  And, because so many surfaces are shared, the risk of transmission skyrockets.




Gym showers in particular are being utilized throughout the day by multiple people.  Scrubbing the floor can only do so much, before the bacteria sinks into the porous surface of the tile.  Likewise, the showers are constantly wet or moist.  Such an environment is ideal for bacteria, like influenza or E.coli.  All floors in public restrooms continue to be the dirtiest, most unsanitary surface–you can imagine how much worse that can get when the surface is always wet, and bare feet are stepping in and out.


Air Quality and Odor


Dirty and unsanitized public restrooms are going to give off a foul odor.  Sometimes, this can be because the floor drains aren’t cleaned properly, and have bacteria growing inside of them.  Other times, it’s because fecal matter is clinging to surfaces, building up and causing a disgusting smell.  At public gyms, this effect drives people away even more than any other facility.  Members are going to use the gym, hoping for a clean and fresh environment–they don’t want to be met with air quality so clouded by odor that they can’t even breathe!


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