Clean Your Toilets For Health If You Want Your Business To Survive


Public restrooms require proper cleaning so that customers and employees avoid catching illnesses.

Public restrooms are notorious for being strewn with germs which can lead to illnesses. In fact, in any number of commercial buildings including office buildings, hotels, restaurants, schools, and healthcare facilities, restrooms are typically the number one complaint of customers and patients alike. When approaching commercial restroom cleaning, it is imperative that business owners find companies that clean for health and not just aesthetics. While eliminating odors and maintaining a visibly clean public restroom is critically important, it becomes even more crucial for business owners to ensure that their public restrooms are sanitary and germ-free. Act now to protect your business and your brand!

Public Restrooms And Public Health

Some individuals may mistakenly assume that illness-causing germs are only a health care issue. However, the reality is that germ-causing bugs and bacteria are notorious for hiding out in public restrooms that have are not properly cleaned and sanitized. More and more people become contaminated with viruses such as the norovirus because of using contaminated public restrooms. From a public health perspective, having a ton of bacteria that can be easily transmitted is a severe health hazard and needs to be curtailed immediately. Some bacteria are resistant to antibiotics which become an incredibly serious public health issue. Don’t let your employees and customers suffer. Act now!

Controlling The Spread Of Germs In Public Restrooms

There is no question that one of the toughest jobs is public restroom cleaning. Even a great cleaning job does not kill bacteria and viruses. An often overlooked task, public restroom cleaning  and sanitizing is essential for business owners looking to keep their business alive. In fact, business owners should take the time to understand the critical nature associated with cleaning their commercial restrooms to protect the health of their employees and customers. Otherwise, there is a significant chance that they will begin losing patrons who are looking for a germ-free, odor-free restroom. Therefore, focusing on cleaning your commercial restroom for health is a surefire way to avoid losing customers from getting infected with viruses and antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

  • Pre-Clean Surfaces: When cleaning a public restroom for health, it is essential to move beyond simply the aesthetics of the restroom. Instead, business owners need to focus on eliminating any bacteria and germs that may be lingering. Ideally, removing debris that you see with your naked eye is the first step toward properly cleaning your public restroom. However, in addition to removing the visible debris, properly using a bacteria killing spray is the only way to kill the bacteria that you cannot see with the naked eye.
  • Don’t Just Mask Odors: Again, when focusing on cleaning restrooms for public health as opposed to just aesthetics, it is necessary to think about breaking the odors down at their source. Choosing a company who understands the importance of getting to the root of the odor is essential for business owners looking to avoid their business from closing. A Comprehensive Air Care Program is needed.

Have Your Restroom Professionally Sanitized By Enviro-Master Of Mid-Atlantic!

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