What Customers Are Thinking About Your Restaurant’s Public Restroom

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If you want customers to return to your restaurant, it’s vital that you keep your public restroom sanitized and tidy.

A restaurant’s filthy public restroom is a huge indicator, for customers, that the establishment is not trustworthy.  This is because it shows that the restaurant owners do not put enough care into their property to make it clean and safe for those who visit.  If you want customers to return to your restaurant, it’s vital that you keep your public restroom sanitized and tidy.  Customers are usually looking towards specific aspects of your restroom that they use to judge cleanliness.  So, what do your customers think about your restaurant’s public restroom?

Strong Odors


For many, this is an instant indicator that something is not being properly sanitized.  A strong, disgusting odor will turn away patrons before they even reach the stall.  Foul odors in restrooms are caused by dirt and grime that is lodged into surfaces, such as the floor or the walls.  When a toilet is flushed, fecal matter can spray into the air and land on these surfaces, leading to bacteria growth, which gives that foul odor.  It’s also possible you have dirty, unsanitary drains in your restroom, that will inevitably give off that same odor.  When these are addressed and properly sanitized, customers will not worry about using your restroom.


Hand Dryers


Did you know that paper towels are actually far more effective at both drying hands and keeping them clean?  Hand dryers tend to scatter bacteria around, and leave hands feeling damp.  Any moisture left on your hands after washing them provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.  When customers see these in your restroom, they’re going to be turned away.  Paper towels are the best way to impress customers; better quality towels mean less are used, and this reduces the amount of waste produced.  Towels that dry well are far more sanitary, and customers agree!


Damp Surfaces


If your drains aren’t working properly, you probably have excess water on your floors and counters.  Moisture, as mentioned, can give bacteria the chance to grow and spread disease.  Wet floors are a safety hazard in more ways than one–you don’t want your customers to walk into your restroom, only to see puddles of unknown liquid under their shoes.  Sanitizing your restroom can ensure these areas are cleaned thoroughly.  Also, addressing those clogged and dirty drains can prevent water from accruing in certain areas.


Enviro-Master of Mid-Atlantic can sanitize your restaurant’s public restroom to increase customer satisfaction!


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