The Dangers of a Dirty Drain in a Public Restroom

dirty drain

Do you have concerns about whether or not your drain is working properly? It may be time to learn about the dangers that come with a dirty drain.

Is there an odd odor coming from the drain in your restroom?  Do you have concerns about whether or not your drain is working properly?  It may be time to learn a little about the dangers that come with a drain that isn’t correctly maintained.  As with everything in a public restroom, a drain needs to be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis so they aren’t causing potential health hazards.  And if you aren’t aware of all the problems associated with a dirty drain, reading the following information may surprise you.  Read on to learn all about the dangers of an unattended drain in a public restroom.

Health Issues

Mold and bacteria growth aren’t just gross–they’re also detrimental to your health.  Breathing in the tiny particles mold produces can cause problems for those with asthma, and fecal matter can cause chronic health issues when it contaminates the air.  When your drain is unclean, bacteria and mold grow due to the moist and dark environment.  When this happens, the drain becomes blocked, which may allow for fecal matter and other bacteria to start causing issues.

Bad Odor

Yes, it’s unpleasant–but others are more susceptible to smells than you might think.  The aforementioned mold can create a musty smell that will permeate the air–and, of course, fecal and urinal matter building up can cause quite the nasty odor.  It leads to unhappy customers, and sometimes, customers who feel nauseous and overwhelmed.


Bugs in bathrooms are almost always attracted to dirty drains that haven’t been maintained in ages.  This is particularly a problem when a drain is blocked, and causes stagnant water.  This standing water can be a perfect breeding ground for all sorts of insects, including mosquitoes and flies.  This not only looks unsanitary,  but these bugs can carry dangerous viruses and diseases with them!  

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