Why A Dirty Drain In A Public Restroom Could Be Causing Serious Problems

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A dirty restroom can really hurt your business.

Every public restroom is equipped with a floor drain. Every floor drain in a public restroom requires special attention. While most people pay attention to the sinks and toilets, a floor drain should be part of the disinfecting and sanitizing process as well. Although no one is washing their hands in a floor drain, there should be some consideration made when it comes to sanitizing your public restrooms’ floor drain. Considering all the potential problems associated with a dirty drain, every commercial business should consider getting their floor drain sanitized and disinfected as soon as possible.

Generating Odors

Ever been in a public restroom that smelled bad? It was most likely due to a dirty floor drain. Bacteria and other germs are known to get trapped in a floor drain. As a result, these disgusting germs eventually start to release foul-smelling odors. The unpleasant smell is a surefire way to get customers to leave your business and never come back.

Attracting Insects

Insects like flies tend to lay their eggs in environments that are dark and moist. A dirty floor drain is a perfect spot for these insects to lay their eggs. There is no question that a filthy restroom is attractive to a variety of insects. Customers are not going to want to ever come back to your business if insects start taking over the restroom.

Mold And Mildew

Any excess moisture can lead to an increase of mold and mildew in a public restroom. Excess moisture can be caused by a wide array of factors. From flooding to a clogged drain, floor drains are easily susceptible to mold and mildew. By adequately inspecting your floor drains for any potential clogs, you can ensure that mold and mildew stay away. Also, a clogged floor drain can lead to flooding which can cause water damage in your public restroom. Hiring a professional to disinfect and sanitize your public restroom is always ideal.

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