Dirty Restrooms Can Mean A Loss In Business


Don’t lose your business to a dirty restroom.

When you are trying to make your establishment a place where customers want to go you don’t want to have a dirty public restroom. While there are always a lot of things that business owner need to focus on, the public restroom should never take a backseat. In fact, making it a priority to have a clean and sanitized public restroom should really be the norm when it comes to establishing a successful establishment like a hotel or bar. As a result, people are in search of facilities that offer clean and sanitized public restrooms.

Customers Avoid Establishments With Dirty Restrooms

People don’t want to go to an institution that makes them feel uneasy or dirty. In fact, organizations that have dirty public restrooms are notorious for losing a significant amount of business merely because they don’t take the time to clean and sanitize the public restroom facilities properly. As a result, a loss in business regularly can end up costing you your entire company. Avoid losing your business to a dirty restroom by contacting Enviro-Masters of the Mid-Atlantic today for a free evaluation.

How You Can Lose Business

People desire clean restrooms no matter where they are. It should come as no surprise that customers equate cleanliness of a public restroom with the quality of the service or product that the business itself is offering. For example, there is a majority of customers that truly believe that the cleanliness of a restaurant restroom is a clear indication of the cleanliness of the kitchen. It’s simple, people assume that if you can’t take care to clean and sanitize your restroom, then you can’t be expected to caring for the rest of your business either. As a result, a customer is not likely to return after having a dirty restroom experience within your establishment. And it’s not just that customer who you lose. You also end up losing any potential referral customers because as we all well know, word of mouth can be one of the best marketing techniques available. Just consider the tremendous effect social media has on businesses. Having an inadequate restroom experience can result in negative reviews on across social media leading to your business going under. Avoid all of this by contacting Enviro-Masters of the Mid-Atlantic today for your free evaluation!

Commercial Restroom Cleaning From Enviro-Master

Enviro Master is the expert in the Mid-Atlantic area – get a free restroom evaluation. Owner Neil Middleton is determined to promote great restroom hygiene.  Enviro Master Services has been listed as one of the Top 50 New Franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine.  Now servicing the entire DMV area.

If you’re looking for a solution to your dirty, nasty, odor filled-restrooms, contact us, 443-472-2748  We look forward to hearing from you. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter for more information and updates from Enviro-Master of Mid-Atlantic.

Building a healthier world, one restroom at a time!

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