Is Your Gym Negatively Impacting The Health Of Your Members?


Avoid being the gym that causes members to fall ill.

Some of the most popular gym equipment is riddled with bacteria. In fact, it’s not just the gym equipment that could be sending your members to the doctors. From dirty showers to dirty towels, there is a slew of different things that could be causing all your members to call in sick and leave your facility for good. It can be quite ironic to think that a place that helps keep people healthy and active could be the ultimate bacteria playground that makes them ill. Fitness facilities are hotbeds when it comes to bacteria. From the front door to the smelly locker rooms, keeping your gym clean is essential if you want to avoid shutting down.

Just Take A Look At The Statistics

With a staggering fifty-eight percent (58%) of people using health clubs annually, there are a lot of nasty germs lurking in a gym. The warm moist conditions in gyms are a perfect environment for bacteria to live. In fact, according to a study conducting on germs in gyms, there were high levels of bacteria found on treadmills, free weights, and exercise bikes. One of the more scarier statistics found was that the two most potentially harmful types of bacteria were found to comprise seventy percent (70%) of the total bacteria that was located.

Bacteria Can Cause Skin Infections

One of the more common bacteria that was found in the study was gram-positive cocci, like Staphylococcus, which is known to irritate and infect the skin. In fact, it was treadmills that actually had the highest amounts of this type of bacteria. However, free weights were not bacteria free either. Turns out, there are bacteria such as E.Coli making homes on free weights in gyms. All of this can be very harmful to your members and potentially cause severe illnesses.

Protect Your Facility From Bacteria

One of the most efficient ways you can help to protect your health club members from becoming ill is to invest in commercial cleaning and sanitizing services. Enviro-Masters of the Mid-Atlantic can help your gym get bacteria free in no time! Give Enviro-Masters of the Mid-Atlantic a call for a free evaluation and see how we can help your fitness center avoid closing down!

Commercial Fitness Center Cleaning From Enviro-Master

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