Does Hot Weather Affect The Number of Infectious Diseases?


It’s important to understand that the warm weather of the summer can actually increase the rate of infections due to disease in public restrooms.

It’s a common fear–being infected with a serious disease, such as salmonella, which affects tens of millions of people worldwide.  And this isn’t the only disease we have to worry about–E.coli, and even the common flu can end up causing uncomfortable symptoms, and even serious medical complications.  So, it’s important to understand that the warm weather of the summer can actually increase the rate of infections due to disease.  In public restrooms, where these bacteria tend to harbor themselves, we must all take the proper precautions.  If you’re curious about how these diseases could be affected by warm weather, read on.

Why are these infections on the rise?


Because the seasons are becoming warmer due to climate change, the rate of infection significantly increases.  This study shows how climate change and extreme events such as water contamination has increased the rate of infection in Maryland.  There is also a strong suspicion that the risk has increased all along coastal areas.  That’s because infections such as salmonella thrive in warmer environments.  Plenty of infectious diseases are not nearly as active during colder seasons, but explode in activity when the weather is warm.  In humid, extremely hot areas of the coast such as the middle of our most major inner cities, the risk of infection skyrockets.


What can you do?


If you’re concerned about the rate of infection, you should start with your public restroom.  This is a breeding ground for bacteria when it isn’t properly cared for.  Simply wiping down surfaces, even on a weekly basis, is not enough to completely eradicate common infections.  You must search for a professional, such as Enviro-Master of Mid-Atlantic, in order to be sure that your public restroom is completely free of diseases such as salmonella.  You’ll want to start preparing now–the days are becoming warmer, and summer is approaching.  Before the weather gets too warm, eradicate the infectious diseases that are almost certainly residing in your public restroom as you read this blog.  Don’t wait–reach out for assistance before the spread of infectious diseases is nearly uncontrollable.


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