The Importance Of Proper Disinfection In Healthcare Facilities


Proper disinfection methods should always be followed in healthcare facilities.

Have you noticed that patients at your healthcare facility are getting sicker once they come into your care? It could be a direct result of improper sanitizing and disinfecting techniques. Numerous studies have shown that less than fifty percent (50%) of environmental surfaces in patient rooms are adequately sanitized and disinfected. Evidence strongly suggests that cross-contamination of different organisms from various surfaces is directly related to patient illness. In fact, high-touch areas like bed rails, bed surfaces, tables, fluid poles, doorknobs, and supply carts have all been identified as having the highest potential for transmission of pathogens. As a result, having proper sanitizing and disinfecting procedures in place is necessary to ensure that all patients are not subject to harmful bacteria.

Inadequate Sanitizing Methods Are Widespread

It all comes down to basic statistics. One out of every 25 people who end up in a medical facility will contract a disease from improper sanitization methods. According to a 2012 study, approximately 1.7 million healthcare-acquired infections were related to poor sanitization techniques. As a result, many deaths have tragically happened due to these illnesses. In fact, healthcare-acquired infections continue to occur at a rapid pace these days. As a result, providing proper sanitization methods and disinfecting protocols becomes mandatory for all healthcare facilities.

The Physical Environment Is Crucial In Contracting An Illness

Bacteria thrive in environments that are improperly sanitized or improperly disinfected. In fact, contaminated environmental surfaces, such as those in medical facilities can lead to a variety of severe infections and diseases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has set out guidelines for healthcare facilities to follow. Proper sanitization and disinfection techniques should always be obeyed to protect the healthcare facility from being forced to close down due to poorly sanitized surfaces.

Pathogens Can Survive On Surfaces For Months

Most pathogens have long lives, surviving for months on contaminated surfaces. In healthcare facilities, infected material is being handled frequently. Without adequate sanitization measures in place, there is a high likelihood that patients or staff members will end up contracting diseases in droves.

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