How Important is it to Keep Your Ice Rink Restroom Sanitized?

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In particular, ice rink restrooms are the main cause for many negative effects that will turn customers away. If you’re wondering why that is, read on!

Like all athletic facilities, ice rinks are used by the public every single day for multiple purposes.  Whether it be recreational family skating or a rigorous ice hockey game, the ice rink is a great place to exercise.  It keeps you active, and skating is an enjoyable activity for all.  However, there are a few characteristics specific to ice rinks that could create complications regarding germs and sanitation.  In particular, ice rink restrooms are the main cause for many negative effects that will turn customers away.  If you’re wondering why that is, read on!

Shared Equipment


Ice rinks rent out skates and other equipment to many customers throughout the day.  This equipment is then stored in a compact area, where it is used the very next day for the same purpose by different customers.  Of course, this equipment cannot realistically be thoroughly sanitized each and every day–wear and tear is natural, and publicly used equipment is unavoidable at an ice rink.  And, when your restroom isn’t properly sanitized, it’s much easier for germs to travel between patrons.  Floors are the most bacteria-ridden surfaces in public restrooms, and storing any kind of shoe with others is going to cause some kind of transmission.  With a sanitized restroom, particularly a sanitized restroom floor, you seriously reduce the risk of sickness being transferred between patrons.


Disgusted Customers


It’s proven that customers are not likely to return to public facilities with dirty, unsanitary restrooms.  After all, they realize that their health and safety is compromised when they enter a restroom that is visibly unclean.  Grime, bacteria, and fecal matter easily find their way into the tiny, microscopic crevices of surfaces in public restrooms.  This can cause an unpleasant odor that cannot be removed by simple cleaning measures.  Wiping down a surface with all-purpose cleaner, or even bleach, cannot completely sanitize these surfaces.  This buildup and odor can turn away your customers, and will make them consider never returning.  The public is already very wary of public restrooms, and scrutinizes them with a critical eye.  Do you want to live up to their expectations, or do you want them to decide your ice rink is unsanitary and unsafe?


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