The Issues With Cold and Flu Season in Assisted Living Facilities

cold and flu

Nobody likes cold and flu season.  But for the elderly in assisted living facilities, it can be even harder to contain these viruses.

Nobody likes cold and flu season.  The potential for everyone to contract either of these illnesses is so widespread and common, and it can be easy to become paranoid.  But for the elderly in assisted living facilities, it can be even harder to contain these viruses.  Instead of only having to worry about your private restroom at home, those in assisted living facilities must worry about public restrooms and strangers occupying the same area.  Who knows who is being sanitary, and who isn’t?  Read on for more about the dangers of cold and flu season for the elderly.



90% of flu-related deaths occur in people over the age of 65.  With such shocking numbers, it’s important to remember that the elderly have a weakened immune system that deteriorates naturally with age.  In fact, flu symptoms can often develop into pneumonia.  The flu and pneumonia are both incredibly deadly diseases for the elderly.  It’s more than likely they will end up hospitalized if they contract either illness.


Easily Spread


It’s easy to contract the flu; it’s spread through the air, as well as through contact.  Because those in assisted living facilities are exposed to public restrooms as opposed to private ones, they’re in contact with many more germs.  All it takes is not washing your hands.  Since the flu is so incredibly deadly, it’s important to note how easily a senior could contract it.




Have your restroom sanitized on a regular basis.  General cleaning practices do not get rid of hard-to-kill germs like the flu virus.  While you can administer flu shots, they aren’t foolproof.  A sanitized bathroom can give you peace of mind, knowing that all flu and cold germs are eliminated.  With Enviro-Master of Mid-Atlantic, your restroom will be sanitized and healthy.


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