What Kind of Infectious Diseases Are in Your Daycare Center?

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Children don’t yet understand proper hygiene techniques, and tend to put objects in their mouths, which leads to the spread of disease.

It has been an accepted fact since the 1940s that out-of-home child care causes a higher rate of infectious diseases among children.  It’s easy to understand why–children don’t yet understand proper hygiene techniques, and tend to put objects in their mouths, which leads to the spread of disease.  Infection rates are usually related to group interaction , and daycare centers are eclectic groups of every type of family.  But what kind of diseases are specifically associated with daycare centers?  The answer could shock you.  Keeping your daycare center clean and sanitized starts at the public restroom; read on to understand why.

Respiratory Diseases


As this type of infection is the most common among the general population, it’s no surprise that it tends to be the most popular among daycare centers.  Respiratory infections are infections of the upper and lower airways, and you know them as the common cold, pneumonia, and bronchitis, to name a few.  Children younger than 3 years of age are more at risk, and the same risk is increased in relation to the number of hours spent at the facility.  When something so common is so easily spread, it’s important to attack the source of the problem.  Unsanitized restrooms are incubators for this type of disease; professional sanitization is the only way to eradicate risk of respiratory infections in your daycare center.


Otitis Media


As one of the most common infections in children, at least 50% of children are infected before the age of 2, and at least 9% will be infected more than once.  You probably best know this disease as an ear infection.  However, this disease is not always a harmless and passing problem.  Otitis media is the number one cause among children for auditory degeneration.  With lifelong effects, the need for eradication is dire.  Again, public restrooms are breeding grounds for germs and infections.  Attack these at the source in order to ensure that your daycare center restrooms are safe and sound.


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