What Kinds of Infections Are the Elderly Prone to in Public Restrooms?


What exactly puts the elderly at risk? Well, there are several bacterial infections and diseases that the elderly are particularly prone to.

Keeping a restroom clean within an assisted living facility is incredibly important; the elderly have slightly weaker immune systems than the younger population.  Thus, extra precautions must be taken in order to keep residents happy and healthy within an assisted living facility.  What exactly puts the elderly at risk?  Well, there are several bacterial infections and diseases that the elderly are particularly prone to.  Here’s a quick rundown about those health issues, and after reading about them, you’re sure to see the importance of keeping assisted living facility restrooms hygienically safe.

Urinary Tract Infections


Especially among elderly women, urinary tract infections, or UTIs, are particularly common.  In most cases, UTIs are not a commonly transmitted disease within public restrooms.  However, because the elderly are at a higher risk of contraction, it’s highly likely that this infection could be spread through use of a dirty restroom.  Unsanitary toilet bowls can harbor bacteria that may lead to such an infection.  A deep clean and a germicidal coating  of your public restroom can help prevent this on a weekly basis .


Gastrointestinal Infections


Many medications can cause diarrhea within the elderly; it can also be caused by the wrong foods, or allergies that have shown themselves over several years.  Regardless of the cause, gastrointestinal infections are very common within assisted living facilities.  And with diarrhea comes bacteria and germs that can cause illness.  A flushed toilet can spray fecal matter into the air, where it lingers and then settles onto all the touch surfaces in the restroom.  This contamination  becomes an easy way for bacteria to enter the body.  With such a high volume of diagnosed gastrointestinal infections, the elderly are extremely at risk for diseases related to these germs and bacteria.


Skin Infections


The elderly are seriously at risk for skin infections because their immune systems and ability to heal are weakened significantly.  Because of this, bacteria that causes skin infection can easily be spread–and some bacteria can even lead to the very serious Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA.  To prevent this, encourage good hand washing and drying techniques.  Keeping your restroom hygienically clean  is an even better solution, though, as it can kill the bacteria that causes these infections in the first place.


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