Is Your Local Daycare Center Properly Sanitized?

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Where are these germs originating, and where are they spread around the most?  Read on to find out if your daycare center is properly sanitized.

It’s frequently said that schools, daycare centers, and other kid-friendly places are riddled with germs.  This is because there is such a large gathering of children who do not know proper hygiene procedures, which means they are very easily spreading bacteria across every surface.  Particularly in a daycare center, where children are sharing toys and playground equipment, germs are spread without any real prevention.  Where are these germs originating, and where are they spread around the most?  Read on to find out if your daycare center is properly sanitized, or if your bacteria-ridden facility is turning parents away.

Basic Preventions


It’s good to keep up a few basic sanitizers around for yourself, because it never hurts to disinfect a surface or your hands.  Washing hands properly is the best way to help prevent germs from spreading.  Be sure to teach proper hand washing techniques to the children who attend your daycare.  However, make sure the products you use to sanitize things like toys are safe for a child if they try to put it in their mouth.  But these are just easy, basic prevention techniques.  In order to truly avoid sickness and bacteria, you need a more intensive approach to sanitization.


DIY Cleaning is Hazardous


Many use bleach or bleach solutions to clean the restrooms of their daycares, where germs are frequently spread.  Because there is a significant risk of infection when using the restroom improperly, children should always be entering a safe and sanitized space to prevent this.  However, bleach can very easily be misused, which will put children in significant danger.  The best way to clean a daycare restroom is through a professional, like Enviro-Master.  Professionals have the products and tools that can fully and thoroughly sanitize your daycare restroom.  They can also do so safely, so children are not at risk.  When a parent enters your restroom and sees visible cleanliness, they won’t be turned away by fear of infection and sickness.  Likewise, they might encounter a foul odor if the restroom isn’t sanitized properly.  This can easily turn them away from your facility.  They’ll feel safe leaving their child in your care, and you’ll know that your restrooms won’t be the cause of an unfortunate outbreak of illness.


Enviro-Master of Mid-Atlantic is ready to help you fully sanitize your daycare center restroom!


We’re hygiene experts and deeply concerned for the safety of your employees and customers.  Owner Neil Middleton is determined to promote great restroom hygiene.  Enviro Master Services has been listed as one of the Top 50 New Franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine.

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