Physical Rehabilitation Centers Pose More Risk of Infection in the Elderly


physical rehabilitation centers

Physical rehabilitation centers are a form of assisted living that focus on helping people overcome the after effects of surgery.  The only problem is that the elderly are way more at risk for disease.

Our elderly citizens experience a higher rate of surgical procedures than the rest of the population; this is because their systems and bodies are growing weaker with age.  This doesn’t mean they need to suffer, though; many elderly people go through some sort of procedure in order to boost their functionality in their daily lives.  When this happens, their recovery may take longer than people who are younger than them.  Physical rehabilitation centers are a form of assisted living that focus on helping the elderly overcome the after effects of surgery.  The only problem is that the elderly are way more at risk for disease and infection while living in these facilities.  Read on to find out why it’s so important that physical rehabilitation centers keep themselves clean–particularly, their restrooms.

What does a physical rehabilitation center provide?


First of all, it must be stated that these assisted living facilities are not, by any means, more dangerous or inherently unclean.  In fact, a physical rehabilitation center may focus more on sanitizing their facility more than a typical nursing home.  This is because they know that the elderly are at more of a risk for infection and disease after a surgical procedure.  Physical rehabilitation includes aids providing help with everyday activities, and can also provide physical and mental stimuli to get the patients back up to speed.  However, one area that is frequently overlooked or underestimated for sanitation needs is the restroom.


Why is it so important to sanitize restrooms?


In physical rehabilitation centers, every patient is recovering from some kind of surgical procedure.  And whether it be surgery that produces a large stretch of stitches or a procedure that doesn’t leave any scars, the elderly are still at risk for more infection after their surgery.  One example is the use of catheters; 10-27% of patients who use catheters develop UTIs, which is a very common form of infection in the elderly.  UTIs are a well-known infection that can be caused by unsanitary restroom use.  And when there is a weakened immune system due to surgery, this infection can even be deadly.  Pneumonia is also a huge issue within physical rehabilitation centers, as it is the second-most diagnosed infection among the elderly.  This disease is also spread by bacteria, which means an unsanitized bathroom poses a huge threat.  In many cases, surgical site infection (SSI) accounts for 38% of infections within the elderly population.  One of the best ways to avoid SSI is to keep restrooms sparkling and sanitized.  With less bacteria floating around, there’s less of a risk of SSI when a surgical procedure is performed.


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