Preventing The Spread Of Disease By Eliminating Restroom Germs


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From a very young age, we are taught to wash our hands thoroughly after using the restroom. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explicitly states that a significant percentage of illness and disease can be spread when people don’t wash their hands. Unfortunately, if restrooms are not sanitized, people can also contract diseases spread from these restroom germs after touching any surface, even after washing their hands. Business owners should consider hiring a professional to come and regularly sanitize their restrooms to ensure that bacteria and diseases are not being spread.

Diseases Can Spread From Restroom Germs

There various organisms that make a commercial restroom their home. Urine, vomit, feces, and other bodily fluids are all food for these organisms. Even the simple act of flushing the toilet can prove to be a feast for bacteria in commercial restrooms. Surprisingly, humans can contract many diseases by merely grabbing a restroom door handle or using a paper towel dispenser.

Salmonella Can Be Spread In A Commercial Restroom

Lasting from around four to seven days, this is a disease that is all too common in commercial restrooms. Although most people can recover from this illness at home, some severe outbreaks could lead people to end up in the hospital. If you happen to contract Salmonella, you will likely find yourself vomiting excessively with a high fever. However, at its worst, Salmonella can end up in your blood, resulting in fever, headache, lethargy, and abdominal pain.

E. Coli Is Often Found In Commercial Restrooms

Some strains of E.coli can end up causing a slight abdominal upset. But more severe cases could result in fatal intestinal diseases. Since it can be challenging to pinpoint, E. coli is not a disease that you want to have in your business. As E.coli progresses, the symptoms change. Typically, people who contract E. coli will suffer from severe cramps and abdominal pain. Some, may also feel nauseated and experience headaches.

A Better Way

The spread of disease and bacteria can be significantly reduced with proper sanitization services. If you can safely eliminate these organisms, you can save your business from failure. Reaching out and hiring a professional commercial sanitization service to help get your restrooms free of bacteria and germs is the first step for your business to take. With regular sanitization, your commercial restroom is sure to be free of harmful bacteria leading to less illness and more business.

Commercial Restroom Sanitization And Air-Care Services From Enviro-Master

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