The Problem With a Dirty Drain in a Public Restroom

dirty drain

While no one is washing their hands in your floor drain, a disgusting one can end up causing problems.

When you’re cleaning your public restroom, do you pay special attention to your floor drain?  Most people simply clean their surfaces and toilets, knowing that these are what harbor the most germs.  However, you should also be paying close attention to your drains.  While no one is washing their hands in your floor drain, a disgusting one can end up causing problems that will turn customers away just as quickly as a dirty floor would.  So, read on to see if your public restroom floor drain is a little too dirty to be proud of!

Creating Odors


Bacteria and other gross factors can get trapped inside of a floor drain, creating foul odors.  In many cases, this can be methane gas from organic material decomposing.  However, it can also be fecal matter gathering in one place.  Regardless, the odor that comes from a floor drain is very specific, and very nasty.  It will easily make customers leave your restroom, and perhaps, even your establishment.  Have you considered a Smart Drain System?


Attracting Insects


Insects such as flies love to lay their eggs in moist, dark, and otherwise gross places.  A dirty floor drain is the perfect place for them.  When you don’t keep your drain clean, flies and other insects will lay their eggs inside of your restroom!  This isn’t going to help the smell, and it will also mean that your bathroom will have an insect problem.  Customers won’t be coming back into your restroom any time soon.


Flooding and Clogging


Floor drains are necessary elements in public restrooms.  All the excess moisture on the floor needs to be drained away; also, if there’s a flooding emergency, the drain should be ready to handle that extra water.  When a drain is dirty, it can clog and back up, so all that dirty and discarded water ends up flooding the bathroom!  Gross.  If your drain is clean, however, this won’t happen, and you’ll be free of flooding danger.


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