The Real Truth About Public Restrooms

public restrooms

Discover the reality of public restrooms.

If you take a look at our business and wonder why anyone would need a bathroom cleaning company, you probably don’t know the real truths of a public restroom.  The reality is, not many people do.  No one wants to actually think about restrooms, because it’s considered gross and unhygienic, even if the area looks relatively clean.  And we all know that being assigned to bathroom duty at a new retail job is the most undesirable.  Get in, get out.  That’s usually our prerogative as patrons.


But public restrooms, however much you want to ignore them, can cause huge problems. Beyond the repulsive factor, they’re a perfect environment to grow bacteria.  Germs are easily transferrable.  That’s probably something you’re aware of, and is why you flush the toilet with your foot.  That’s why Enviro Master Services is needed.  If you don’t believe us, just read on.


Just How Dirty Are Public Restrooms?


Let’s not beat around the proverbial toilet: bathrooms are where human waste is excreted, and public restrooms are essentially that action multiplied by the number of stalls, multiplied by how many people use it per day.  That is a huge number. And we can’t always expect that people will use the facility as they’re supposed to.  So, frankly, public restrooms are going to see their fair share of human waste missing the target.  


And then you have all the other bodily functions performed in bathrooms.  Vomiting, coughing, sneezing, bleeding, and others.  When you flush, particles of human waste are released into the air.  Washing hands requires a sink surface, which is almost constantly wet and in a humid environment.  Floors see shoes that have been on unknown surfaces beforehand.  Virtually every surface, wall, floor and object in a public restroom is a breeding ground for nasty, threatening microscopics.


So, already, you may be reconsidering entering a public restroom ever again.  We will definitely recommend not putting your purse on a bathroom floor if you can help it.  But public restrooms don’t have to be something we’re afraid of–we need them, after all.  And that’s where we come in.


How do We Get it Clean?


Because this is all working at a microscopic level, surfaces that are hard and solid are still vulnerable to bacteria.  They have tiny pores that can hold dangerous viruses and can house all kinds of nasty stuff.  Ordinary cleaners aren’t going to penetrate that surface deeply enough.  Sure, your own personal bathroom can be cleaned with household cleaners.  But if you remember, public restrooms are used way more frequently and see a lot more waste.  Enviro Master Services knows this, and that’s why we use only the best bathroom cleaners.  Our commercial solutions include sealing up those pores so bacteria can’t grow for an extended period of time.  Your surfaces will be cleaner for much longer with this option.


Another huge issue in public restrooms has to do with your tiles, both on your floor and on your walls.  If the mortar between these tiles looks grimey, you’ll have unsatisfied customers that will walk out with negative opinions of your establishment.  But it also means your bathroom is susceptible to dangerous diseases.  See, whenever the toilet is flushed, it releases harmful waste products into the air.  These particles can build up over time, which is where that awful bathroom odor comes from.  But the odor is not simply unpleasant–you can catch viruses from it.  Hep. A, Salmonella, E-Coli, and Norovirus are just naming a few.  They don’t have to be airborne to be dangerous; a tiny cut on your finger can leave you susceptible to any germy surface.  


Our solution is to take away the source of bacteria growth.  We get in between the tiles and clean them, intensively.  This removes the dirt and, in turn, bacteria.  Without a dirty surface to grab onto, bacteria can’t form their homes in between tiles.  This can significantly reduce the growth of bacteria in a public restroom, and can greatly attribute to removing odors.  Everyone wins!  Except the bacteria, of course.


Now, these viruses can obviously grow elsewhere in bathrooms.  And that’s why it’s important to combine hospital-grade cleansers and disinfectants with a weekly treatment.  With this intense cleaning routine, you’ll see fantastic results.  Our products get rid of organisms that can cause H1N1, HIV, Tuberculosis, and even Enterovirus.  First of all, no one will be afraid to walk into your bathroom.  This is a major plus when it comes to customers, who often use the cleanliness and appearance of bathrooms to judge the facility they’re in.  But also, employees can get sick more frequently, because they are constantly using that bathroom.  Employees are precious!  Without them, work doesn’t get done.  Productivity goes down.  A clean bathroom can solve a multitude of problems.


Enviro Master Services also offers something called SmartDrain.  This is a kind of drain attachment that cleans your drain and filters it 24/7.  Drains can cause bacteria growth, but they can also encourage bugs.  Flies see a moist, dark and humid area and consider that a perfect place to lay their eggs.  With our drain solution, this is eliminated; the drain releases chemicals that break down organic enzymes, therefore stopping flies from thriving.  Our drains also filter out grease, which can be helpful for any kind of kitchen.  Keeping water clean is great for the environment, but it also prevents grease build-up from blocking your drain.


What About Odors?


We talked about what happens when you flush a toilet.  There’s a name for the build-up this causes; it’s called the uric scale.  It’s a combination of urine, feces and other human waste matter that needs to be controlled in order to have a healthy environment.  But it also causes one of the biggest reasons people hate public restrooms: odor.


You may be inclined to remove the odor using air fresheners.  Some restrooms may even keep an aerosol can by the toilet.  However, this merely masks the odors.  It doesn’t get rid of the harmful bacteria, and it doesn’t really get rid of the smell.  It just produces a gross combination of the two, which isn’t what anyone wants.  No; at Enviro Master Services, we get rid of the odor at the source.  Think of cleaning a public restroom like cleaning your teeth.  When you don’t brush, there’s a buildup of tartar and plaque that eventually causes cavities.  But it can also be a large factor causing bad breath!  And sometimes, the buildup is so bad that you need a professional–a dentist–to come and scrape off all that tartar.  


That’s what we do.  We’re here to come scrape off all that buildup and bacteria from your bathroom’s surfaces, and while this does get rid of bacteria and prevent the spread of germs, it also eliminates odor.  Many Americans judge public restrooms based on odor alone, even if they appear clean.  And, that’s not all.


Odor can also come from your drain.  Perhaps you’ve had a foul odor rise from your garbage disposal, and you dropped in a lemon peel to clean it up.  And maybe you’ve poured drain solution down it, which chemically removes the buildup of grease and grime.  But with bathroom drains, a lemon peel isn’t enough to fully clean anything.  These drain cleaners are also terrible for the environment–it literally burns away the grease, and you can only imagine what that does to living things.  So, what’s the solution?


Our SmartDrain not only cleans and filters; it also houses a fragrance block.  This eliminates odors, while a bio block emits those enzymes to eat at the source.  Odor doesn’t have to take over your bathroom.  We can stop odor and deep clean away harmful bacteria so it doesn’t come back.


Why Enviro Master Services?


We don’t just clean–we keep it clean, and we provide you with the resources you need.  You’ll see amazing results with our deep cleaning services, and while most of that is a visible change, you can use the bathroom knowing that you’re doing so in a safe, healthy environment.  Plus, the odors of your bathroom will be gone.  What better way to make customers feel comfortable?


Not to mention, we’ve got a line of products ready for you to use.  Paper towels are actually more sanitary than hand dryers!   Germs are contained on the surface of paper towels, rather than being blown around the room (because let’s be honest, none of us sing ‘Happy Birthday’ when we wash our hands like they tell us to in grade school).  We offer paper products that are useful, and come with a program that you can check out for yourself.  


And don’t forget about our high-grade cleaning solutions.  We have several cleaning solutions available that provide a deep, true clean.  These chemicals don’t mess around.  If you’re looking to seriously clean your kitchen or bathroom, we have a chemical solution for everything you could need.


If you’re interested in the products we provide, you can click here, and see what kind of products we can offer you!


Tired of your dirty public restroom?  Call Enviro Master Services today!


Enviro Master Services is the cleaning solution you’ve been looking for.  Between deep cleaning and great products, we know exactly what you need to keep your bathroom sparkling.  Don’t waste time with weak cleaners or ineffective methods of sanitizing.  We’re experts.  Founder Pat Swisher has twenty plus years experience in hygiene solutions; with his knowledge, Enviro Master Services has been listed as one of the Top 50 New Franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine.


Don’t wait–get clean today!  If you’re looking for a solution to your dirty bathroom, contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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