What Are the Real Dangers of Airborne Fecal Matter?

fecal matter

The truth is, whenever a toilet is flushed, fecal matter and urine are flung into the air, and can spread far and wide.

If you don’t close the toilet seat when you’re finished using the restroom, and someone in your family complains, you’re probably tired of hearing about it.  Once habit sets in, it can be difficult to break!  The truth is, whenever a toilet is flushed, fecal matter and urine are  flung into the air, and can spread far and wide.  While originally thought to only rise about ten inches above the toilet seat, new research has found that fecal matter can spray much further than that.  And in public restrooms, where there are no toilet lids, you run a huge risk of creating dangerous environments when left unattended.  Read on to find out more about how fecal matter can be dangerous for your business.

Why are public restrooms at risk?


Most public restrooms do not have lids.  For this reason, they are already at a disadvantage when it comes to hygiene.  Fecal matter will inevitably be released into the air, and it will cling to surfaces, including floors and walls.  There is no avoiding this without a toilet lid!  In addition, a great deal of people come through the restroom every day.  Customers and employees alike are going to be exposed to the germs, fecal matter, and diarrhea-causing bacteria known as C. difficile.  Public restrooms are essentially concentrated areas of bacteria and C. difficile that can harm your patrons.


How much of a problem is it?


Studies have found that, after flushing, C. difficile and fecal matter rises as much as 25 centimeters into the air, and stays there for up to 90 minutes.  This kind of contamination can even occur in clinical areas, such as hospitals.  Many people believe that hospitals and retirement homes have the safest public restrooms, but this is not always the case.  In fact, since so many patients and nursing home residents tend to be ill, the risk of contamination is far higher.  Fecal matter can even cling to the seat, the paper dispenser, and other key areas.  Frequent use of these surfaces makes it much easier for disease and bacteria like C. difficile to spread.  This is why it is so important to keep your restrooms clean–without proper sanitization, you put everyone at risk for disease.  Enviro-Master has developed an Electro Static sprayer system. The sprayer puts a positive charge on the EPA approved, hospital grade disinfectant, which mates up to the negatively charged restroom surfaces.  This coats the ‘touch surfaces’ and provides a powerful hygienic solution to keep your employees and customers healthy and happy!


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