What Are the Regulations For Assisted Living Facility Public Restrooms?

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There are plenty of reasons why public restrooms within an assisted living facility would be a focal point of state regulations.

When someone moves to an assisted living facility, regulations by the state affect their daily lives.  Even if they live where a private restroom is within their apartment or dwelling, regulations still matter.  Most cases require health and safety to be a huge concern when it comes to the elderly.  There are plenty of reasons why public restrooms within an assisted living facility would be a focal point of state regulations.  Read on to discover why these regulations are so important.

Why Are Regulations Important?


Across the board, public facilities have requirements and standards for their restrooms that they must meet.  The specifics vary between facilities and states.  However, the reason for these regulations is always the same; the elderly are far more prone to disease than the general population.  Their immune systems are weakened with age, which means simple viral infections can be deadly.  Even something as common as the flu can end up being fatal to the elderly population.  And because dirty restrooms tend to be breeding grounds for bacteria and germs, it’s incredibly important that regulations are followed in order to keep them sanitized.  Not to mention, it’s not just the elderly that use the restroom–visitors and employees will also frequent them, meaning there’s plenty of opportunity for outside contamination.


What Are the Regulations?


Some facilities have shared restrooms, which leads to regulations that focus on available space.  For instance, for every six residents, there should be at least one toilet.  For every eight residents, there should be one shower or tub.  Because these are shared by so many people, there’s an increased risk of infection and illness.  It’s incredibly important to keep these restrooms clean and sanitized at all times; otherwise, you run the risk of residents getting sick, perhaps even fatally so.  It is estimated that up to 40% of assisted living facilities do not have full bathrooms in or between apartments and dwellings.  If your assisted living facility has a shared restroom, it’s vital to ensure that you’re protecting your residents through a clean and sanitized experience.


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