Does Your Restaurant Restroom Give a Bad Impression?

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Food products are particularly vulnerable to germs and disease, and a dirty restroom increases that risk.

In the foodservice industry, it is vital that you provide your customers and employees with a healthy, clean restroom.  Food products are particularly vulnerable to germs and disease, and a dirty restroom increases that risk.  Not to mention, it heavily affects how your customers see your establishment.  If you want your restaurant to give off the best impression possible, read on to see how your restroom could be making the difference between a shining review and a terrible one.

A Common Theme


Design actually makes a big difference when it comes to restroom appearance.  Functionality is important, but you must also give the impression of comfort.  Try to design your restroom so that it matches the theme of your restaurant; keep colors similar, and choose the proper design elements.  For example, if your theme is more modern, you should keep sleek lines and lighter colors, decorated with simple shapes.  


Keep it Clean


Your restroom should be cleaned regularly.  If your customers notice something unhygienic, they may be turned off from your restaurant entirely.  Not good!  The stigma surrounding dirty restrooms is already bad enough, with the diseases they can spread.  Customers shouldn’t be afraid to touch a surface in the restroom.  They should also feel comfortable using it, without feeling the need to rush to prevent them from catching something nasty.  With a clean restroom, employees will also be encouraged to keep themselves hygienic as they work.  They’ll be more willing to go in and wash their hands, as opposed to avoiding it as much as possible due to the grime.


Use the Right Products


The right bathroom essentials can make a huge difference.  Paper towels are scientifically more hygienic, and with higher quality towels, you can reduce the amount of waste that they produce.  This will keep discarded paper towels off the floor.  When you use a higher quality soap, your patrons will notice, and it will keep your bathroom cleaner.  Which brings us to our final point…getting your restroom professionally cleaned is your best bet towards a clean, functional, hygienic bathroom.


Enviro Master Services in Washington D.C. is your solution for a clean restroom!


Enviro Master Services is the cleaning solution you’ve been looking for.  Between deep cleaning and great products, we know exactly what you need to keep your bathroom sparkling.  Don’t waste time with weak cleaners or ineffective methods of sanitizing.  We’re experts.  Founder Pat Swisher has twenty plus years experience in hygiene solutions; with his knowledge, Enviro Master Services has been listed as one of the Top 50 New Franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine.


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