Restroom Etiquette Tips to Help Keep You Healthy

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Public restrooms are oftentimes bacteria-ridden danger zones. This is mostly because they are either improperly sanitized, or because people using them are not being conscientious of their health habits.

Public restrooms are oftentimes bacteria-ridden danger zones.  This is mostly because they are either improperly sanitized, or because people using them are not being conscientious of their health habits.  We can take care of the sanitizing part, as simply scrubbing the toilets, urinals and sinks as well as the  floors with soap and water isn’t enough to truly rid your restroom of its germs and bacteria.  But patrons and employees using the restroom properly can also help aid in keeping your restroom in top shape.  Read on for a few tips in restroom etiquette, so you can stay on top of your restroom hygiene.

1. Wash Your Hands

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again–washing your hands after using the restroom is a vital and necessary practice.  Your hands are the vehicle between germs and surfaces, and there’s no getting around it, no matter how careful you are.  Properly washing your hands with soap and warm water is the best way to prevent the spread of germs, and helps to protect you and others from dangerous disease.

2. Clean Up After Yourself

Have you ever entered a stall, only to be greeted by a messy seat and an unflushed toilet?  It’s unpleasant for everyone involved, and often times, people avoid using that stall, which causes fecal matter to sit and fester.  Gross.  To prevent this, always flush after you go, and wipe the seat if you make a mess.  It’s not only courteous, but it also prevents the spread of germs.

3. Got a Lid?  Use it.

If your restrooms have toilets with a lid, utilize it to promote maximum hygiene.  When a toilet flushes, it pushes fecal matter and other bacteria into the air, which can linger for up to twenty minutes.  Putting down a lid when you flush prevents that.  Of course, this is rare for public restrooms.  Keep yourself safe by leaving the stall immediately after you flush, which will prevent you from breathing in any of these harmful particles.

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