How To Stop The Spread Of Germs In Day Cares This Cold And Flu Season


Bacteria and germs can easily spread in day care centers. Protecting children is important during cold and flu season!

Every daycare owner knows the importance of keeping kids healthy all year long. While it’s impossible to go without a child getting sick, there are ways to prevent the spread of germs from wreaking havoc in your daycare facility.

Centers For Disease Control And Prevention

It’s undeniable. During each flu season since 2010, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found that more than 100,000 people have been hospitalized in the United States alone for flu-related illnesses. And during the worst flu season which happened between 2014 and 2015, 710,000 people were hospitalized with flu-related illnesses. These statistics are meant to show the importance of proper sanitization in commercial facilities, specifically daycare centers. Children are the ones with lower immune systems compared to adults. Keeping children safe and healthy should be a top priority for every daycare center owner.

Teach Children Proper Handwashing Techniques

At such a young age, it is necessary that children learn how to wash their hands properly. Using warm soap and water while also making sure to scrub for approximately twenty (20) to thirty (30) seconds, is a great way to teach children how to wash their hands properly. This can go a long way toward restricting the spread of germs through your daycare facility.

Explain How Germs Spread

Children need to learn why they can’t go to their friends birthday party when they have a cold. Because germs spread rapidly. A cold is nothing to laugh about. When it comes to children and daycare centers, keeping them healthy and sanitized is crucial. Explaining to a child that germs spread and that being a good citizen means taking care of yourself and preventing germs from spreading can go a long way toward allowing children to understand the realities of bacteria and how diseases actually spread from person to person.

Sanitization Services

As a daycare owner, while you’ll want all the sick children to stay home, that might not always be the case. If you find that one child is sneezing or coughing a lot more than usual, it might be beneficial to get a professional like Enviro-Masters of the Mid Atlantic to come and sanitize your facility and get rid of those nasty germs once and for all.

Day Care Restroom Sanitization And Air-Care Services From Enviro-Master

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