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Ensure that your commercial restroom is sanitized with Enviro_Masters of the Mid-Atlantic!

A new national survey revealed that sixty-three percent (63%) of people have had experience with a dirty and unsanitized commercial restroom. These unpleasant restroom experiences shape the way that customers view a business. However, business owners can learn a thing or two from this survey. For one thing, they can begin to look at better ways to sanitize their commercial restrooms. In fact, hiring a professional, like Enviro-Masters of the Mid-Atlantic to help get your business back on track can be an excellent solution.

The Statistics Don’t Lie

The top restroom complaints from the recent survey found that eighty-two percent (82%) of Americans were disgusted by an unpleasant odor. Seventy-nine percent (79%) of those surveyed stated that they were bothered by clogged toilets. When a business has a reputation for unsanitized or dirty restrooms, soon enough, they will see a significant loss in business.

Conditions And Causes

Understanding the conditions that lead to bacteria growth and other harmful germs is essential for business owners to come up with a proper plan of attack. For the majority of restrooms, urine is often the source of the odor that is unpleasant for customers. Bacteria love to grow in warm acidic environments like urine. Unless proactively handled, bacteria is bound to become an issue for your commercial restroom.

Don’t Let Your Business Fail

Clearly, the message has been sent. Customers want a restroom free of germs and bacteria. Customers don’t want to go into a commercial restroom and contract a disease or the flu. They also want to avoid the dirty smells associated with a public commercial restroom.

Eliminate Odors

The first thing you can do to create a better restroom experience for your customers is to eliminate any odors that may linger in the air. If a restroom smells terrible, visitors and occupants alike will think that the entire facility is dirty. This association is what makes air-care so important. With our aroma beam which diffuses scent into a room up to 50,000 square feet, your restroom will no longer smell dirty. Or, if you prefer, we also have unscented air care products for you to choose from. Contact Enviro-Masters of the Mid-Atlantic today and find out more about our air-care services and products to make your commercial restroom a place that customers enjoy being in.

Commercial Restroom Sanitization And Air-Care Services From Enviro-Master

Enviro Master is the expert in the Mid-Atlantic area – get a free restroom evaluation. Owner Neil Middleton is determined to promote great restroom hygiene.  Enviro Master Services has been listed as one of the Top 50 New Franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine.  Now servicing the entire DMV area.

If you’re looking for a solution to your dirty, nasty, odor filled-restrooms, contact us, 443-472-2748  We look forward to hearing from you. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter for more information and updates from Enviro-Master of Mid-Atlantic.


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