Sanitization Services for Automotive Shops

Automotive shops and their public restrooms can harbor grease, dirt, and, more significantly, disease-bearing pathogens. If your restroom is not being kept thoroughly sanitized, not only could it cost you customers, but your valuable mechanics and employees are more likely to call out sick and lose out on valuable work time. Simply scrubbing your porcelain fixtures is not enough. The germs that cause diseases like E. coli and salmonella can be flung up to 20 feet in the air after a toilet has been flushed. You need the help of Enviro-Master of Mid-Atlantic.

At Enviro-Master of Mid-Atlantic, we offer a number of services that can ensure that the restrooms at your auto repair shop are in tip-top shape and keep your employees and clients happier and healthier. We give your restroom a deep sanitization that your janitorial company simply cannot match because we tackle the problems they cannot handle. From our germicidal fog that effectively kills pathogens on any surface it touches to our unique materials that are able to penetrate the pores of your porcelain fixtures, we can help keep your workplace happier and healthier. We provide our sanitization services to clients throughout Maryland, including Rockville, Columbia, Frederick, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, Anne Arundel County, Frederick County, Howard County, as well as Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia. Enviro-Master of Mid-Atlantic, is a member of the Enviro-Master national franchise system, serving clients nationwide.


Our unique Sani-Service takes the guesswork out of restroom sanitization. We pick up where your standard cleaning leaves off by providing scheduled sanitization that will kill germs that other companies simply cannot tackle. Urinals, toilets, and sinks are all treated with a germicidal coating. In addition to sanitizing your restroom, we also check and fill your soap dispensers and air fresheners, replace your urinal screens, and apply a special sanitary coating on all toilets, sinks, and urinals that will prevent germs from penetrating for 7-9 days. Lastly, we spray our unique Sani-Guard germicidal fog that effectively kills germs on every surface it touches for up to 9 days.


Your porcelain fixtures aren’t the only features that can harbor germs: Your floors, stall walls, and virtually every hard surface in your restroom can host millions of pathogens that can cause illness. To keep these germs in check, our Sani-Scrub services thoroughly and effectively disinfect all of the hard surfaces in your restroom–including the grout between tiles–to provide a level of sanitization that you can trust.

Paper products

From paper towels to toilet paper and more, we are able to offer our customers unbeatable prices on the paper products they need to keep their restroom stocked. Thanks to our incredibly low prices, many automotive shops find that the cost of the rest of our services is offset by their savings.

Give us a call to schedule your free Restroom Scorecard today to find out how we can help keep your automotive repair shop healthier!