Sanitization Services for Restaurants and Bars

Customers will judge your restaurant by the state of your restroom. If they are not kept clean and odor-free then you may not only lose those customers but their friends and family as well. For restaurants, bars, and any other establishments that serve food and beverages, it is especially important to let your customers know that you take cleanliness incredibly seriously. If you have ever used a restroom that was smelly or unclean then you know exactly what a bad impression it can leave. To provide the best restroom experience for both clients and employees, Enviro-Master of Mid-Atlantic’s Sani-Services are the ideal solution. We provide Sani-Services to restaurant clients in Rockville, Columbia, Frederick, Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County, Frederick County, Howard County, and Maryland. Enviro-Master of Mid-Atlantic, is a member of the Enviro-Master national franchise system, serving clients nationwide.

Sani-Service and Sani-Guard for Healthier Restrooms

The power of our Sani-Services works in tandem with your janitorial staff to create a restroom that is truly sanitary and odor-free. Using our unique products, we are able to remove built-up uric acid as well as germs and pathogens that have been absorbed into porcelain fixtures, providing a level of sanitization that will increase employee morale, decrease absenteeism, and show your customers that you care about their health and well-being. The restroom is thoroughly disinfected, with a germicidal coating applied to urinals, toilets, and sinks. From there, our Sani-Guard service uses a unique germicidal fog that can be applied in any area of your restaurant to kill germs on contact.

A healthier restroom leads to a happier business

When you manage a business that serves food, customers will have cleanliness on their mind. They want to be sure that you take sanitization seriously and if they have a negative experience with your restroom, they’ll likely judge your entire establishment just as harshly.

In addition to customer experience, a healthy restroom is equally important for the well-being of your employees. When your employees are inhaling disease-bearing pathogens every time they use the restroom, they are more likely to become ill and need to take sick time, greatly decreasing their productivity and increasing your costs. Eliminating germs and bacteria helps to prevent the spread of infection, making your workplace happier and healthier in the long run. This not only leads to improved employee morale but cost-savings as well!

While your janitorial service or standard cleaning your employees perform plays a vital role in the day-to-day sanitization of your restroom, you need a more thorough weekly sanitizing than their cleaning supplies are able to offer. That’s why you should trust the expert technicians at Enviro-Master of Mid-Atlantic to provide a restroom experience that both your customers and employees can enjoy.

Ready to learn how our Sani-Services can benefit your restaurant or bar? Give us a call today to schedule your free Restroom Scorecard and find out just how many germs are being left behind.