Enviro-Master of Mid-Atlantic’s Customer Testimonials

“I took a coworker and good friend of mine to lunch today at NOLA in Market Square. I haven’t been in a couple of years but I had a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket and decided to go today. While there, I visited the restroom and was so moved by the experience that I wanted to drop you a note. That was far and away the cleanest restroom I have ever been in at a restaurant. It smelled delightful; it was clean and polished and bright. I noticed that there were “Enviro-Master” products throughout the bathroom and I thought it was a great testament to the work that you, Jeff Petti, and his crew are doing. Please pass this along to the appropriate people. That was the nicest restroom I have ever been in and your team should be proud of it.”
-Joe, Pittsburgh Pirates

“Thank you for bringing your service in. There’s been a noticeable decline in absenteeism, and in our business, one tech missing work means the loss of thousands of dollars in revenue, and if it’s a master tech it’s even worse. Productivity is up and our guys are happy, so I’m happy. Have anyone you need call me, I’m a believer.”
-Jeremy Turner, General Manager, Firestone Complete Auto Care

“The technician who installed your service was awesome! You don’t know how much you need a service like this until it’s installed. He was clear and concise when explaining what he was doing. I’m very happy with the results. Thank you.” -Ryan, General Manager, California Pizza Kitchen

“I wish more vendor reps were like you…stopping in to make sure everything is OK.” -Damien, General Manager at Bar Louie, Hunt Valley, MD

“Before Enviro-Master existed as a company, the Chili’s that I manage was a customer of Pat Swisher’s original company, Swisher Hygiene. When Pat Swisher restarted his hygiene business under the name Enviro-Master, a sales rep named Patrick Ratliff came into my restaurant to get my business. I already had some familiarity with the services, so I had an open mind about getting these services back. Patrick, however, made their services so affordable that he left no doubt in my mind to become a customer. Shortly after, I was rewarded with comments from our customers stating how clean the restrooms were.

Although Patrick made it easy for me to say yes to the services, another factor had me seeking these kinds of services. There was some sort of bacteria outbreak in restrooms up North that had a lot of customers getting sick. I was worried that the outbreak would travel South, so I became proactive and enrolled in their Sani-Service program. This program has a germicide that kills bacteria that is often found in restrooms and would prevent any of my customers from getting sick while eating at my restaurant. The service was so great I decided to get their deep cleaning service. My restrooms now sparkle and shine.

The biggest benefit I have found with Enviro-Master is their customer service. The prices for their services are extremely affordable, but, personally, I find more value in great customer service than I do in pricing. This company really goes above and beyond to make sure our restrooms are sanitized. To give an example, there was a day where the chrome in my restrooms were looking dull. I called Enviro-Master and within 15 minutes someone came out and cleaned the chrome. When I mentioned that one of our air fresheners was broken, they went to their warehouse and came all the way back just to fix it. I was so impressed by this service that it’s honestly worth being a customer of this company. Not only does this company go above and beyond to service my restrooms, they also make it a point to establish a relationship with us. Whenever we have a problem, they don’t hesitate coming out to fix it. I am a satisfied customer of Enviro-Master.” -Jonathan Carson, Manager

“Shout out to our friends at Enviro-Master Services for keeping our inflatables clean and safe during the winter season. Their Sani-Guard electrostatic spraying technology is 100% green, 99.9% effective in killing germs, and non-toxic so it’s safe for our little ones! Happy, clean, and safe Friday!” -Youth Play