Every time a toilet is flushed, particles are propelled throughout the restroom environment. These particles contain germs, disease-bearing pathogens, and foul odors that can create a less-than-ideal environment for your customers and increase employee absenteeism. To address this problem, Enviro-Master of Mid-Atlantic has created our signature Sani-Scrub program, which allows us to thoroughly and reliably sanitize your floors and hard surfaces from top to bottom.

What is the Sani-Scrub program?

While it may be obvious that the porcelain toilets and urinals in your restroom must be free of disease-bearing pathogens, it is equally important that all of the hard surfaces in your restroom are regularly sanitized as well. After a toilet is flushed, droplets of water can travel up to 20 feet, leaving bacteria and germs in sometimes unexpected places.

Using our unique materials and processes that are designed to effectively sanitize tile and grout, our highly trained technicians will thoroughly scrub all floor and wall surfaces and then use a low-pressure washer to sanitize all restroom surfaces, including walls, floors, and hardware. This process removes caked on dirt, grime, and germs that simply are not possible to get rid of using conventional methods. In doing so, our Sani-Scrub program kills all bacteria and germs and prevents them from breeding, which helps to eliminate odor and minimize the spread of disease.

You can schedule our Sani-Scrub technicians to come as often as needed, whether that be once a month or once a year. By combining our Sani-Scrub program with our Sani-Services, you can ensure that you are providing your customers and employees with a truly healthy restroom.

Sani-Scrub for healthier, happier customers and employees

At Enviro-Master of Mid-Atlantic, we believe that sanitized and hygienic restrooms lead to happier employees, healthier customers, and better businesses. That’s why we offer comprehensive sanitizing services that pick up where your regular cleanings leave off. We provide a level of deep clean that janitorial services simply cannot match, making our services the perfect complement to your regularly scheduled restroom cleanings.

We provide Sani-Scrub services to customers throughout Maryland, including Rockville, Columbia, Frederick and Montgomery, Prince George’s, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore, Frederick County, and Howard County, as well as Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia. Enviro-Master of Washington, D.C., is a member of the Enviro-Master national franchise system, serving clients nationwide. Schedule a sanitization of your restrooms that will tackle the germs lurking in grout lines, air vents, stall doors, and more. Give us a call today to start your free restroom scorecard and let one of our technicians show you the benefits of our Sani-Scrub program in person!